Monday, February 2, 2015

SpeakNaked. I'll do anything for Love, but I won't do that...

 I'll do anything for Love,

What holds us back in life is what we won't do.

Value and Moral won'ts are a good thing 
Habitual and fear won'ts will keep us stuck.
Our "fear won'ts" come in many forms
I could never...
I just can't....
I just couldn't....
They won't let me...
No Way...
I will not...
NO !

Each of our "fear won'ts" are keeping us
safe, small and stuck
Find your Won'ts and grow beyond them

List 10 things that could be / need to be done for what you love.
       Choose the scariest thing and do it.
List 10 fear things that you won't do for what you love.
       Choose the least scary thing and do it.  
and while you are making these lists, and doing these things
I will do anything for Love
   and I will do that.....

Glenn Dulko is the Presentation Doctor
Glenn helps speakers deliver strong healthy presentation.
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   Glenn will do anything for love... and he will do that

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