Tuesday, February 10, 2015

3 Secrets Successful Managers Use to Drive Engagement!

Many traditional companies are reluctant to change and have no formal program to solicit and manage ideas from within the company.  This is because many people will accept change – as long as they themselves do not have to change very much. Many managers talk the talk about motivating employees – but in fact, when walking the walk, do the opposite – they demotivate them!
Management often points fingers at corporate policies as to why they can’t engage their staff.  However, we hear of that rare manager that elicits employee loyalty regardless of the overall operating environment – what is their secret? 
The first secret of a successful manager is that above all else – these managers truly care about and are invested in their staff - not just as employees, but as people with full lives and a range of interests.  They get to know them!  Furthermore, they act as a liaison between their employees and other departments to get the resources and support needed so employees can get their jobs done quickly and efficiently.  Even when it is the bottom of the ninth, with two outs and two strikes – these managers go to bat for their employees and their employees know it!
The second secret of a successful manager is that they provide a clear and credible purpose for his or her business unit that goes beyond money.  They get involved in actively coaching and refining the ideas of their people to assist their employees in achieving that purpose.  They don’t stop there – they follow up with their employees on a consistent basis and reinforce the impact their employees have within their department and the overall company. Their employees know exactly how they are contributing!

The third secret is that these managers recognize the contributions of their employees – no matter how small.  Some managers think to themselves “Why do I need to thank my employees for doing their job?” After all, they are paid to do it.  The fact is that employees in most companies are quickly criticized for their mistakes and don’t hear very much in the way of praise for the things they do right.  Therefore, I ask, “Why is preventing you as a manager and a leader from thanking your employees for doing their job?”  The bottom line is it only takes a moment of your time, motivates your employees and that is your job as a manager!
Idea Share of the Month!
When employees see that management listens to, respects and implements their ideas, they are more likely to buy into management driven change as well.

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  1. Good article, Page! It all come down to relationships, doesn't it?

  2. It truly does Dan! And the ability to keep an open mind!