Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Be an Electrific Lover

 Be Electrific Day
Today is Be Electrific Day. It is always Feb 11th. This is a day to honor the birth of creative Innovator and inventor Thomas A. Edison on his birthday. It is also a day to discover the electricity within your own body. Yes you are electric! I started this day 17 years ago. It is listed annually in Chase’s Book of Events along with the pending holiday Saint Valentine’s Day. Many electrific activities happen throughout the country including Electrific Day parties.

Thomas A. Edison

The Invention of the Light Bulb
Edison knew life could be improved when light was brighter, daily kerosene smells from lamps abolished, and when there were opportunities to use electric lights during the darkest hours of the night. He had over 10,000 attempts before he was able to create the amazing filter he needed for his light bulb. It is was said that he was on a camping trip with his friends and they had caught several fish. Edison was angry because he didn’t catch any. So he broke his bamboo pole in half and threw it is the fire. As it burned he saw the bamboo last longer than the other sticks. That “aha” moment, was an opportunity for Edison to create a carbon filament made from cardboard so he could use it in the light bulb. It lasted longer than the others with which he had experimented.

Passion drives results
Thomas Edison was not the only person who invented the light bulb. He was the only one who secured funding to create an economical way to distribute the power needed to light several light bulbs. He not only completed his creation of the light bulb along with his team but was passionate about it. He then had to be creative and innovative in his marketing to the public. Edison introduced the light bulb by having light bulbs put into gas lamps on Maiden Lane in New York City. He had a great ceremony and when he flipped the switch many lights came on at the same time.

Use your personal treasures
How are you using your personal treasures from inside to be inventive, innovative and sharing with those who need your light in their lives. We are all conductors of electricity and when we are passionate and a lover of life, that energy flows in great abundance and we become Electrific. Will you be an Electrific Lover of life on Valentine’s Day and every day? Think of how you can bring others out of darkness with the words you say the thoughtful actions you display and the kindness you share with those who need a tiny touch of love to instigate a smile, a laugh or the ability to make a major decision. So - Happy Be Electrific Day and Valentines’ Day too.  

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