Thursday, February 26, 2015

Real-Life: The Latest Trend in Design

I am a tried-and-true kind of girl. I like things that have proven their reliability and outcomes. I do not care for change; just for change sake. I prefer to tweak what I know has been working; I think of it as methodical change for an improved outcome.

To that end; I do not typically jump onto “trending” bandwagons. Trends are a bit to fluid for my taste, by the time they make sense to me and shown me their value they are gone and another one moves in.

However, when I opened an iStockphoto e-newsletter sharing what is trending in design for 2015 I could instantly see the power and importance behind each described trend.

Following are a few examples that highlight relationship-building via imagery:

  1. Bringing the differences of all people into the forefront. I love, love, love this. The world is bursting at the seams with individuals taking a courageous stand in showing the world just how unique and different they are. It pleases me greatly to see a trend in marketing design that is inclusive of these very brave individuals. To me this really ties in the human-kind, emotional relationship building aspect of marketing your business.
  2. Woman power. Yes! Now more than ever we have a plethora of dynamic women; wearing their victories, their challenges, their defeats, their truths, their sadness; and their values and talents proud and publicly. They inspire others. Change happens because of them. In brands where it makes sense to do so, using this trend will surely create memorable and meaningful messages.
  3. This is how I see it. In the ever increasing “normalcy” of selfies and body-cams use it actually makes perfect sense that images of the sort are trending this year. It’s all about seeing it from the “actual doing” view point…not the look what “you could do” view point. This approach is fun, exciting, makes one’s heart beat a bit faster, has the viewer actually feeling like they are already there experiencing whatever it is you are offering. It brings the people into, and part-of, your marketing design. Not just designing FOR them, but in a way – WITH them. All I can say is, WOW! I’m in!
  4. See with your sense of taste. Yes, you read that correctly. Seeing is not just for the eyes anymore. Images are becoming more focused and deliberate in how they create the availability to be absorbed by not only the eyes, but by our other senses as well. Imagine tasting the juiciness of the watermelon, or feeling the sharpness of a blade of grass or the smell of a newborn just by seeing its image. It is happening folks; and it is a super engaging whole body experience. This trend can be used in so many industries and be amazingly effective in marketing results. Photographers take note and if not already; brush up on those macro photo taking skills; your services in this area will be highly requested.
There are four more trends that are equally great. Here is a link to the actual article – actually they are set up as short video’s; one for each of the (8) 2015 Design Trends. Take a look. You will be happy you did.

I’d love for you to leave a comment as to which 2015 trend(s) you plan on incorporating into your marketing (designs), or not, this year and why.

Until next time, happy marketing!

Chana Monahan
Greenhouse Graphics, llc. Where Ideas Grow


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