Friday, February 13, 2015

Catapult Your Sales Funnel With This One Business Growth Idea

If you’re a coach like me, you may be interested in something I found that is the perfect way to create a steady stream of customers. It’s a secret I stumbled on that opened the door to lots of business that I had never expected. And once I implemented it, I discovered that others were doing it as well. Are you ready for this secret? Read on.

As a youth development consultant and parent coach, I wanted to figure out how to create a line of customers that might be likely to bring me revenue from one of my four revenue streams: purchasing my products, enrolling in my training programs, hiring me for private coaching, or hiring me to speak in front of somebody else’s audience.

I realized in this day and age of FREE stuff where ever you turn, I had to create an entry
level of FREE to attract attention and draw potential customers in to my sales funnel. I needed a draw in which I could offer some sort of FREE information, a FREE product, FREE training, or FREE coaching. Then, it struck me exactly how to do that.

I needed to find a location available to me in the evenings or on weekends that was FREE or low-cost. It had to be some sort of intimate room where I could host a one-hour reoccurring coaching session, FREE of charge to potential clients. I found that location and then began to advertise my FREE drop-in parent coaching sessions where ever I could.

One of my greatest successes was sharing the information on these sessions with people I call “gatekeepers”; folks who have access to my potential clients; parents. These gatekeepers were therapists, parent network organizers, teachers, principals, pediatricians, dentists, and others. Before I knew it, so many people had heard about my drop-in coaching sessions and the stream of potential customers began to flow.

Some came just to get the FREE advice. Others came and bought my materials I had set up on a sales table. Many came and walked out with a flier advertising my latest parenting class and a decent percentage signed up. And another smaller group hired me to conduct private coaching, paying my full fee.

The last group of folks were the best; they were the gatekeepers themselves, who came to see my coaching sessions for themselves, many eventually hiring me to speak at conferences and training events to their clients. This sales funnel had started and actually took on a life of its own. Now, don’t get me wrong; there were some nights that no one showed up, especially in the beginning. But I showed up for each session no matter what and always brought along my laptop to get some work done, just in case no one showed up.

This idea may not work for everyone, but if you’re a coach; business, writing, speaking, life, parent, or any sort of other coach, could this work for you? Could you offer some sort of regular weekly, monthly, or quarterly drop-in coaching that could start YOUR sales funnel? You’ll be surprised how far some folks will travel to get FREE advice and help they urgently need.

Need some help with this idea? Contact me for some coaching to get this one off the ground quickly.

Bill Corbett is a professional speaker who delivers keynote speeches and training seminars across the United States. When he's not helping youth workers and other caregivers with challenging behavior issues, he works with business clients to show them how to leverage 2.0 strategies in order to grow top line revenues. Bill has built several successful businesses from the ground up using top-notch entrepreneurial techniques to implement inbound marketing campaigns. He has thousands of followers and subscribers tuning into his various social media channels, and he knows how to work them all to maintain platform growth and connect with both new and established customers, clients, and collaborators. He is a much sought after business consultant, trainer and mentor, is a regular contributor to major network television affiliates, and produces two television shows as part of his own unique marketing plan. Link up with him on LINKEDIN by CLICKING HERE.


  1. Flies in the face of conventional wisdom~~~Give away your service and product and wisdom? Yes, as evidenced by Bill's continued success.

  2. Bill, this is an awesome idea! I'd like to stop in on one of your sessions. Dan