Sunday, February 15, 2015

Are Your Blind Spots Holding You Back?

By Ann Meacham 

It’s important to know that your mind plays “dirty” tricks on you.  That is, your perception of reality is never reality itself.  Rather it is your mind’s version or internal representation of reality. 

This causes blind spots – beliefs you have that cause you to be unaware of factors and situations that are causing your business success strategies to fail.

Example: “The economy is keeping me from getting more customers.” 

Blind spot #1: Frequently the reality is that are not getting customers because your marketing and sales efforts are not well organized or focused.

Blind spot #2:  You get bogged down because you feel you’re working so hard and aren’t seeing the results.  What you’re not seeing is the possibility that focus combined with hard work will bring results in any economic climate.

Blind spot #3: Allowing yourself to be distracted by projects that are not aligned with your marketing and sales will block the results you so desire.

It’s complicated. Developing strategies and plans is a healthy practice. However, if your strategies include significant blind spots, they are doomed from the outset.

Remember, your mind creates these blind spots by filtering incoming information and thoughts.  As a result, this filtering process distorts, deletes and generalizes your sense of reality. It feels like you know the truth.  Often it is not real.

  •   Where are you missing critical external cues that your strategies need to be adjusted?   
  •    Where are you over-estimating your abilities?  
  •    To what extent are you attached to your own strategies as being correct that you cannot perceive better ways of reaching your destination?

The first step to get past blind spots is to be aware of every thought, assumption, belief (disguised as fact) and point of view with which you currently identify.  Challenge it. Especially when you believe you are right.

Find out how to clear your blind spots and create greater success for yourself.

I am president of Leadership Dynamics.  I work with business owners and executives to clear their blind spots so they can identify the issues that need to be addressed and focus on making their business succeed.  Contact me at  or sign up for a Free Leadership Strategy Session on our website or call 860-788-3504.

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