Friday, February 20, 2015

Love It Or Leave It! How to Fall Back in Love With Your Job (or Get Outta There)

Want to rekindle your interest in your job? Try one of these tips:

1. Reconnect with why you started this job in the first place.
2. Recall the company’s values and in what ways you align.
3. Think of at least 5 ways the job supports and improves your strengths.
4. Think of 5 ways to demonstrate your strengths at work more often.
5. Think of 3 ways to have more fun at work every single day.
6. Let go of any personal grudges.
7. Make new friends.
8. Find a mentor or create a mastermind group.
9. Volunteer for a project or committee, increasing visibility and leadership profile.
10. Quit a committee you've lost interest in (preferably by grooming someone else for the role).
11. Form a professional or leadership association in your profession but outside your company.
12. Form a mastermind or dreamers group inside your company.
13. Ask for a personal development or a non-work-related workshop for yourself and a group of co-workers.
14. Expand your network – attend talks, workshops, conferences, professional association meetings.
15. Each morning, think of one thing you're looking forward to, rather than dwell on the drudgery of going to work.
16. Place something in your workspace that makes you smile (or even better, that makes you laugh!)
17. Decide what you would do differently if you were the boss, and see if you can influence any changes.
18. Avoid water cooler gossip and start a different kind of conversation.
19. Broaden your skills – get the training you need to move up.
20. Revisit your accomplishments by updating your resume (just in case!)

If none of these will do the trick and you really need a bigger change, perhaps it is time to get outta there. In that case, start working your professional networks to find out where the grass may be greener. Remember, your success and happiness is your responsibility. Do something about it!

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  1. Fantastic Linda... I especially love #11. When I worked in Corporate America and hated my job, I decided to start a Toastmasters Club at the company. I instantly surrounded myself with positive thinking people. I now had a new reason to look forward to coming to work. I even went to the company and asked for a budget to grow the club stronger. I was awarded an annual budget of $3000!