Monday, December 1, 2014

SpeakNaked 75% of the Time

As a speaker prepare to speak for only 75% of the allotted time.

When you speak Life happens and your speaking time gets cut short.  Late starts, technical issues and audience questions all cut into your carefully crafted presentation.

 Making you rush through or, worse yet, cut the most powerful part of your talk.  The conclusion, the call to action, the close, the end....

Too many presentations get Cut Short:
Don't let this happen to you

All of our presentations that start at least 10 minutes late..and still have to end on time.

The Sales presentations that took time to to inform the client of all the bla bla bla history of their company then ran out of time to address the costs and scheduling

Your small business presentation that was cut short and you were unable to give your contact info or  closing

And we've all seen rushing the last 5, 10 or 20 slides

The Benefits of 75% SpeakNaked are 100%
You have just given yourself breathing room if you do go over a bit
They will love ending early, you have given them the gift of time  
You get to hone your presentation down even finer
You can take more questions with any extra time
You can stay and enjoy their standing ovation even longer

The solution is simple....Prepare to use 75% of the allotted time

Glenn Dulko Founder of SpeakNaked 
If you are scheduled for an hour, prepare to use 45 minutes
If you are scheduled for a half hour, prepare to use 22 minutes
If you are giving an 18 minute TED talk, prepare to use 14 minutes

Now that I've use almost 75% of my blog space I invite you to become a better speaker and presenter with me, one tip at a time.  Follow my daily Twitter Speaking Tips @SpeakNaked  or contact me     Thanks, Love ya,  Glenn

Glenn Dulko, Speaker, Trainer, Blogger, Tweeter, Founder of SpeakNaked Speakers training and presentation coaching. Glenn works with emerging women speakers to find their voice, their message, and their unique delivery to share their message out loud and change the world.