Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Start feeling 20 years younger!

This month I'd like to talk to you about a powerful therapy that can help get rid of your chronic pain, help you stay healthy through cold and flu season and even have you feeling like you were 20 years younger!

I have always considered myself quite healthy. I worked out at a  gym, I  meditated, and I took yoga classes. I did all the things "they" said you "should" do to stay healthy. But in those days I always ended up with sinus infections in the spring and fall. And back then, I would just assume it would continue.

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I am so happy to report that that no longer happens. You see many years ago I became a certified Bowen Practitioner. And ever since then my family and my clients very rarely, if at all, get sick. My intention was to learn another therapy to help my clients get rid of their pain. Bowen Therapy gave me so much more.

Bowen Therapy is a nuero-muscular reprogramming technique that helps to relieve physical pain and ailments. It works on the fascia, which is a 3 dimensional web that covers every muscle, nerve, bone and organ. Fascia is like a net that keeps everything in  place from the head down. When our fascia becomes tight and restricted issues that would normally heal themselves become painful persistent problems.  During a Bowen session we gently stretch and manipulate the fascia in order to allow the body’s self healing mechanism to begin.

Once the fascia is stretched back into its normal position, muscles are now able to receive  nutrients, the Lymphatic System is jump started and the toxic buildup of waste products are gently flushed away, increasing circulation and drainage. Many people experience rapid pain relief with long lasting results.

Many of my clients are amazed that they no longer get sick.  Clients who have had chronic pain for 10, 12 or more years, say that they are now pain free. This therapy can also help relieve migraines, allergies, asthma, and many more common ailments. 

After hearing about these great results, I started wondering, "what is really happening in the body that could produce such amazing results"? Could it be possible that by relaxing the  muscles and the fascia  the organs in the body have less stress placed on them?  Which in turn would improve our immune system and increase circulation. Every system of the body would be working more efficiently.

And if that is true,  then it would make sense that we would have unlimited energy, improved mental clarity, decrease in stress, work becomes easier and more productive. Life becomes much more fun and creative. And yes, there is the opportunity for the aging process to slow down, giving us the feeling of "feeling 20 years younger." 

So the next time your body is feeling tight and you feel yourself getting sick and run down, check out Bowen therapy, where the body's true healing begins.

Check out www.bowenhealingcenter.com for more information. 

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  1. Very interesting article, Jacqueline. I'm going to take a closer look at Bowen Therapy