Monday, December 29, 2014

Are You Done With 2014?

Writing one of the last few posts of 2014 is a challenging task. My wish is for you to start this new year excited about your true potential, and about how much you have to offer. It’s a challenge because it’s the end of the year and a lot of people are already looking forward without stopping to reflect on this past year’s results. 

Looking ahead and making plans is a good thing, but before you let go of your 2014 accomplishments, consider these questions: Were there times in 2014 when you “settled” for results that were less than you are capable of? Did you settle for less at the end of 2013 too? Were the results you got over the years before that “good enough?” 

It’s so easy to settle for good enough. We live in a world where people don’t expect results beyond good enough. A lot of people stop working once they’ve achieved results that are good enough. I don’t know if there have been times in your life when you have settled for less, but I know there have been in mine. So I put together this short list of quotes as reminders of how joyful and productive life can be for you—and me. Everyone can benefit from a little inspiration now and then.  

We should all take a minute to reflect on what Nelson Mandela taught us about how much human beings are capable of. One of our struggles is living in a world that doesn’t always encourage us to do or be more. Words like “close enough” and “good enough” have become accepted standards. But what could you accomplish if you committed to simply taking just one more step towards your dreams every day? Just one step!

 Stephen Hawking is correct. Life isn’t about achieving perfection, striving to be perfect, or making something absolutely perfect. It’s about the joy our best efforts can inspire in the lives of other people. When we share the results of our best efforts with other people, we encourage them to do the same. When we share what’s “good enough” or “close enough” with other people, we encourage them to do the same.  

Perhaps this is the best quote to end the year with. Personally, I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. My goal here is to get you inspired about what you can accomplish simply by being your own unique and brilliant self. You don’t need a resolution to do that. You can start believing in yourself and what you are capable of at any moment in time.

My other goal is to remind you that success rarely occurs in a vacuum. It’s usually the result of the combined efforts of people sharing a common vision. If you need work done that’s outside your area of expertise, don’t drive yourself crazy trying to figure out how to do it, only to end up settling for work that’s “good enough.” Find an expert who can assist you with work that’s outside your comfort zone so you can continue to excel at what you do best. 

We’re ready when you are.  


  1. Valerie:
    This is worth printing and putting on the wall and reading it daily.

  2. Valerie, this article was more than 'good enough'.