Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How to Stay Motivated

Welcome back Fellow Movers and Shakers!  The date is December 16th.    Happy Holidays.   Today’s Blog:  “How to Remain Self Motivated”

Imagine if everyday were exactly the same.  You woke up at the same time, had the same breakfast, took the same route to work, spent 8 hours doing the same arduous work routine, went thru a typical evening, finally going to sleep. . . .just so you can do the same thing again tomorrow.   And then again the next day.  And the next.

And what if no matter how you tried to change that routine, the results were always the same.  No additional free time, no more discretionary income, and no greater satisfaction.  Nothing would ever change for better or for worse. 

Now imagine that you wake up every day and you have nothing.  No money, no car,  no work. . .only an idea of what you feel driven to do personally and/or professionally; what you aspire to.  And there is nothing stopping you.  You live in a world where extraordinary efforts “provide the opportunity” for extraordinary rewards!

Simply put, you have the opportunity to gain anything you are willing to earn.  That means not only the 10% inspiration, but also the 90% perspiration!  If you don’t produce, you make nothing and end up on the same “hamster wheel” as before (albeit less productive).

Movers and Shakers get a feeling of self-satisfaction from what we do, and create not a living, but a lifestyle.  

We wake up every day, with a renewed enthusiasm, a drive and desire to meet the opportunities of a new day head-on.    We have a realization that life is within our control and that we can reach for greater personal freedom, greater satisfaction, and greater financial reward.  Movers and Shakers make a conscious decision to work a little harder, a little smarter, and do so each and every day regardless of yesterday’s results. 

Early in my career, I was fortunate enough to have a mentor.  I was about to embark on my own business venture which was a start-up (translation = there was no income!), and my wife was 6 months pregnant.  That’s right, 6 months pregnant when I left my traditional job, the one with a salary and benefits!    Rob made me consider three things:
1)     The type of house I hoped to own one day
2)     The type of car I would like to drive
3)     And most importantly, the sacrifices I was willing to make to provide for my family

For years I carried a picture of the house I wanted to own, the car I aspired to drive, and most of all, a picture of my growing family.  I would work hard for the house and car, but I would do anything for my family! 

Find the keys to your life. . .the people whom you would do anything for.  If this doesn’t help you to become and remain self-motivated. . .nothing will!

My name is Bill Miranda.  My career has helped me to understand, define and develop World Class Customer Service organizations, Marketing Strategies, and Dynamic Sales Strategies and Tactics. 
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  1. I used to take the picture of the house I wanted and put it on my visor while I was out conducting business. Before I knew it I was living in it!
    You are spot on. Great article Bill.