Sunday, December 14, 2014

5 apps to help speakers have great presentations

As a speaker, competition is fierce and business dynamics are ever changing. In order to keep up with the competition and run a financially healthy business you may need to continually update your presentation and use of technology. There are apps for just about everything today including apps for you to conduct an interesting, colorful and impactful presentation. Below are a few to consider.

mPrompt - is a "teleprompter" style note reader for the iPad. It is easy to use and offers an editor in app, or you can download previously prepared speeches from a url. Fully customizable font sizes and speed of text flow make mPrompt a great tool for delivering memorable speeches.

Quote Book - All speeches need a little seasoning with some great quotations. Quote Book is a handy app with over 3,000 quotes from 400 different authors. The quotes span numerous categories from the humorous to the philosophical. Quote Book allows you to search and bookmark your favorite quotes and add your own gems of wisdom. You can even use it's integrated text to speech function to have your iPhone read the quote out loud! A feature that makes this a great app is the integrated Wikipedia articles about each author.

JotBook Free allows you to display an iPad Whiteboard on an external monitor or video out device. This will enable you to display your whiteboard notes on a larger screen. You can email your notes to your audience as well. The free version only allows 3 separate "books" with three pages each. But if you find you like it, you can upgrade to the unlimited version.

SpeakerClock helps to time your speeches, make transitions, and end on time. Speaker Clock works well with the iPhone or iPad. Consider using it with your iPhone while you're using your iPad for video presentations.  Use Speaker Clock to make sure you manage your “stage time” effectively.

Crowd sourcing through mobile audience polling devices can be used to capture opinion, generate audience analysis, and provide real-time feedback to assist in changing the course of a presentation.

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