Wednesday, December 24, 2014

An Amazing Way To Convert Web Site Visitors to Customers or Clients

If you are some type of service provider chances are that you have a website which provides a lot of useful information to your target audience. There are a great number of things that we can do to drive traffic to our website which would include posting useful and topical information of interest to
our consuming audience. We can also provide free information, white papers, blog posts, educational videos, and books that answer a number of questions those in need of our services might have.

As a service professional, one of the first tasks we wish to accomplish is to drive interested parties to our website. We should also develop some type of call to action and provide the viewer with a sense of urgency in order to accomplish our next objective which is getting that individual to contact
us. The ultimate objective would then be to develop some type of relationship with this individual to convert them to a client or customer. What if you could be provided with a tool that could help you convert website visitors to clients or customers and increase your client or
customer base?

Our firm has been utilizing such a tool with great success. This marketing device comes with many different names and it is represented by many companies but ultimately it is known as live chat. Once you visit our website, a small box appears on the screen which asks you if you would like
to be assisted in getting any of your questions answered. To the extent that the website visitor engages with the live chat operator, a dialogue is undertaken and ends with our live chat operator emailing an inquiry directly to the smart phone of one of our attorneys.

The ability to immediately contact someone who is interested in utilizing our legal services for some type of accident or injury case is quite compelling. First of all, the interested party is shocked that they are contacted almost immediately by an attorney. We have now established the fact that we contact people immediately, we inquire about their particular situation, we answer the questions which they may have, we tell them that we will be providing them with a free book via overnight mail, and we advise them that we will be contacting them after they have received their book to
answer any other questions which they might have. We also tell them about the things they should be doing and the things they should not be doing in order to build value for their case.

Our close rates in converting these website visitors to new clients is staggering. These website visitors develop a high level of comfort with us as a result of our immediate action, our willingness to answer their questions, the fact that we provide them with free books and our ability to
put them at ease and explain exactly what needs to be done. This is an invaluable marketing tool which I would highly suggest all service providers post on their website in order to gain this advantage for people who are looking for their services.


  1. Great advice, Rich. I need to find a way to make my website more interactive...