Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Don't Brush Your Teeth

by Carolyn Finch

That’s right you read that headline correctly. Don’t brush your teeth without brushing your gums and tongue too. Especially if you are in
the public eye, in sales. sit with individuals at meetings or a Professional Speaker. As a matter of fact you never want to brush only your teeth.
You want to get in the habit of having good oral hygiene. There is presently a rise in oral cancer, the need for dentures and partial plates
and oh yes people are still getting teeth pulled. I think there are many people who do not understand that much of an individual’s health depends on their teeth and how they have taken care of them over the years. According to current Dental Statistics 50% of people over the
age of 50 have partial or full dentures. So take care of your teeth, so you
                                             can be proud of your smile.
Now let’s talk about teeth. YOUR teeth. There are 10 action steps to teeth brushing and oral Hygiene.
1.    You need to allow several minutes for teeth and oral hygiene 2 to three times a day.
2.    Good oral hygiene consists of brushing the gums and at first they may bleed but keep it up with a
        soft toothbrush. The gums hold teeth in place and the gums can catch a lot of food and bacteria.
3.     Brush your teeth with a dry toothbrush with toothpaste on it. Hold the brush at an angle
        and brush the inside and outside of your teeth.
4.     Brush the teeth in the back (the molars) first. That is where most of the cavities form.
5.     Rinse your mouth (plain water) and toothbrush in warm water after brushing so bacteria doesn’t
         sit in the brush all day. Change your brush about every 3 months.
6.     Use dental floss 1 or 2 times a day to clean between the teeth. Unwind a large amount of floss
        and wrap it around your index fingers then use a clean part of floss for each tooth, being careful
        to use a clean piece of floss for each one.
7.     Hopefully you know how to chew and chew your food on only one side of your mouth at all
        times. If you chew on both sides at one time, there is too much pressure put on your jaw and it    
        is possible to develop TMJ Tempo mandibular joint problems with your jaw bone and socket
        where it joins with the upper part of your skull or crack your teeth.
8.     Scrape your tongue with a silver spoon turned over. If it appears white then there is a possibility
        that you are already collecting a lot of bacteria. A clean mouth requires no commercial
9.     Test your breath by putting your index finger on the back of the tongue then smell it.
10.   Remember to have your teeth cleaned every 6 months at the Dental office and spend the extra
        for an oral cancer screening. For those individuals who have been told they have cancer they are
        pleased they had the screening done. It is a relatively easy Cancer to care for and eradicate from
        the body when discovered early enough.

Now that you know how to care for a very important area of your body, do it. Don’t merely whisk the brush over your teeth and think that that action is cleaning your teeth. Don’t brush your teeth. But brush your teeth, gums and tongue, use dental floss and rinse. Your smile is a very important part of your Body Language and it is embarrassing for me to have to tell you there is brown remnants of toast stuck to your gums. So be ready for the most important business meeting or prestigious event.
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