Monday, August 24, 2015

How to Guarantee that your Emails will be Read!

If you want to guarantee that your emails will be read then you need to read his article.

Seems that we are inundated every day with a variety of communications including emails. So how can you stand out from the sea of emails that seemingly flooded through your computer each and every day? There are a number of simple techniques that you can use guarantee that your emails will be read. So let's review just a few of those secrets.

WIIFM: What's in it for me?

Your reader will want that question answered immediately and if you provide a sufficient hook the reader will continue on. So the first trick you can utilize is by taking advantage of the subject line that will need to grab your readers attention. Do not just type anything in the subject line because this is the place that will cause the most recipients to either delete your email or to read on. What clever hook can you provide? What secrets do you have to share? What business tip or technique can benefit your reader? What would cause your recipient to continue on with your email?

The information in the subject line has one objective, and that is to get the recipient to read the body of the email. You do not need to sell anything in the subject line you just want to create enough of an interest to cause your recipient to read on.

We all know, size matters!

This is especially so if you are reading an email on a mobile device. If you writing an email that is multiple paragraphs long the recipient's reaction might be to leave it in there inbox until they get to the office to read it at a later date and time. Unfortunately due to the volume of emails that most of us received, this email will be lost under the tsunami of subsequent emails we received during the course of the day. Your email length should be long enough to cover the subject matter but short enough to keep it interesting.

What is the ultimate objective of your email?

You will want your recipient to do something. Do you want your recipient to call you for a free consultation or demonstration? Do you want this individual to order a free report or provide you with their name and email address? Do you want them to visit a website or landing page? Is there some other action you wish your reader to take?

How do you accomplish the ultimate objective of your email?

You must develop a laser focused and concise call to action that your reader will understand and act upon. Your call to action must be so clear and compelling that your reader will have no choice but to engage in the activity described in your email.

Lastly, what type of attachments should you including your email?

None. This is especially true if people are reading your emails on a mobile device. Simply send links in your email to files that you have located on Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox.

If this brief article teaches you just one thing it should be to take the time and effort to develop an interesting hook for your subject line to cause the recipient to read on! Try it and see how many more responses you get to your emails.

P.S. This is the first place a reader goes when they get an email or letter so use this valuable real estate to state a strong call to action!