Saturday, August 22, 2015

Moving On

It’s tough to stay in the same place your whole life. Jobs change. People change. As a result, sometimes your location will change. Change is inevitable, so we move on. We grow stronger. We build character. We experience, fresh new landscapes, interesting people and memorable events because we chose to start over again. This is scary.

Have you ever moved?
This past week, I helped facilitate the first part of one of my clients move to a new location. She went

from a house of 20+ years to just a few temporary storage units. All her life’s possessions are now locked up in a handful of concrete block areas. Over the past few months, we did our homework, purging those things that just got in the way and were not fulfilling her life anymore. This is big.

The second part of her move will occur in a few weeks, when the current owners of the new home move out and she can move in. For the time being, she will live at her sister’s place with just a suitcase. This is brave.

A lot of planning goes into a move like this one. You need to scale back and only keep the things that can fulfill your life going forward. Ask yourself these questions. What are the things that serve you now? What are the things that can help me in the future? What things would I buy again today, if I saw them in the store? If I could only limit my lifetime keepsake treasures to one box, what would they be? This is purging.

If you are not honest with yourself and don’t ask the right questions, you’ll get caught up in the emotional attachment trap. The result? Too. Much. Stuff. You’ll end up packing up everything you’ve ever owned and your new home will choke on boxes and boxes of unused stuff. As a result, you’ll be eating up prime storage space for the things you could be using. You’ll waste valuable time looking for those things that matter most. This is stressful.

If everything is precious, nothing is precious.

So in a few weeks, I’ll be helping that same client unpack her life into her new home. We’ve already scaled back, and she wants to scale back even more. Her new life will be full of memories instead of stuff. This is simplicity.

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