Friday, August 7, 2015

The "Happiness and Success PROCESS"...

I like to simplify things and teach others how to do so also, so I have developed a simple "Three Step Process" that I use for all my trainings...

I have taught Networking (the Process of Developing Win-Win Relationships), Strategic Planning (Where I Am - Where I Want to Go - How I will Get There) and other personal and professional development topics for years. I have used several approaches that I have fined tuned again and again, all stressing "what to do, step by step", kind of text book style. While knowing "step by step" procedures are useful, just "doing" things will not ensure "Happiness and Success" by itself. "Step by Step" is just the last component of my three step process - here it is:
Every process needs a foundation...  Then you can move on to Preparation and Step  By Step. The "Happiness and Success GPS" foundation is:
1.      Maintaining a Positive Mindset: Our Mindset, be it positive or negative is always OUR CHOICE, as we have discussed in previous blogs.
2.      Being an Unconditional Giver: if you give unconditionally, the Law of Attraction guarantees that incredible things will happen not only to those you give to, but also to you in return.
The Foundation SHOULD be the same for ALL Processes, whether it be Networking, Strategic Planning, or anything else - you may make money but Success cannot come without Happiness...

This is analysis and homework. In Networking, this is identifying what you  really do (value statement, not "I'm a Financial Planner", "I'm a Realtor", etc.), who for (your preferred clients), preferred networking contacts (people to share referrals with), then developing your presentations, identifying networking opportunities and such. In Personal Strategic Planning, this is analyzing yourself: writing down your accomplishments, what you are grateful for, what you love to do, what you stand for, etc., so you can find your life's Purpose and Why - ongoing personal development...

Step by Step:
This is the "what to do" part of the process. In Networking, this is things you should do at a Networking Meeting (listen, set up coffee dates to get to know people, introduce people to others that they should meet - giving, etc.) and what you shouldn't do (try to sell to attendees), and also what to do AFTER the meeting - steps to keep the Process going... In Personal Strategic Planning, this is writing down where you are now, writing down where you want to go in ALL areas of your life (personal, professional, relationships, financial, etc.), then writing down time-bound goals to get there...

Start with your Personal Strategic Planning Process - this Process is the Foundation for all other Processes... Here's a quick outline for you to use:
·         Foundation: Positive Mindset - Unconditional Giver.
·         Preparation: Find and write down your Purpose and Why
·         Step by Step: Set those goals and take action - ENJOY!!!

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