Sunday, August 9, 2015

This always happens right before vacation...

Have you ever noticed your back goes out at the worst times?  Usually right before you are about to leave for vacation or about to meet up with friends, and you feel that pinch in your back. Or you turn just the right way and know that something is wrong. It's too late to call your Massage Therapist or Bowen Therapist, so what do you do?  Here are my best ideas to help you get back on track:
1. Applying ice is the quickest way to get some relief. It can help decrease the inflammation. You can try 10 minute intervals. If you are not fond of ice you can try switching between ice and heat. Ten minutes of ice and then 10 minutes of heat for as long as feels comfortable for you. 

2. If this happens to you often, you may want to  invest in a foam roller. The roller releases the trigger points in your muscles as you put pressure on them. Once you find the trigger point, and at the same time you want to take a breath in and count to 15. You should be able to feel the release in the muscle. Along with a decrease in your pain. 

3. Water is a very important ingredient to keeping your back and body pain free. It may not give you immediate relief but it is very important to keep your body hydrated. Many of us today are very dehydrated. It is recommended that you drink half your weight in ounces. And you may be thinking that is too much, there's no way I can drink that much. So I suggest taking a water challenge, for one week drink close to that. Then see how you feel. Are you feeling less pain and stiffness? did you sleep better? How was your foggy brain? You be the judge of how much water you need. 

4. If you find yourself feeling tight in your low back, here is a great exercise to help you feel looser quickly. Please do not do this if you are in great pain. Before you do the exercise, stand up straight and lower your hands to the floor. This is an assessment to see how far you can go. Then do the exercise and retest. You should be able to get further in your reach.

What are your home remedies for pain? Email me at and let me know what how you did with the plate exercise. you are only one day away from living your chronically happy pain free life!

Jacqueline Kane, LMT, Bowen Therapist, 
Tapping Into Wealth Coach
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