Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What is the REAL value of adversty? The framework to outwit the devil. Part 3

As I prepared to write this blog post about adversity post my Dad health took a turn for the worst.  

I finished my schooling and then found myself in a near fatal car crash.
I have lost jobs, I thought I needed, and it was not till now that I understood the real value of adversity.

Bad things happen to good people all the time.

My car crash really forced me to change careers and restart my life. Being sick as a kid really delayed my progress.  Why did I need to go broke before finding my life's path?

As Napoleon Hill starts Outwitting the Devil he begins it by documenting his many failures and trials in the way to writing this book.

Why is it important that Napoleon shared his failures and his trails? 

The answer is:

Failure is a blessing in disguise.

I have made another discovery as the result of this
introduction to my "other self," namely, that there is a
solution for every legitimate problem, no matter how difficult
the problem may seem.

I have also discovered that there comes with every experi-
ence of temporary defeat, and every failure and every form of
adversity, the seed of an equivalent benefit.

Mind you, I did not say the full-blown flower of success,
but the seed from which that flower may be made to germi-
nate and grow. I know of no exception to this rule. The seed of
which I speak may not always be observed, but you may be sure
it is there, in one form or another.

These 3 paragraphs from Outwitting the Devil taught me something that 30 years of experience and schooling did not.

  1. Every legitimate problem has a solution.
  2. Temporary defeat, adversity, and failure offers a seed of equivalent benefit.
  3. When I can identify these seeds and collect them I am learning from my experiences.
  4. If I plant these seeds (the seeds are a metaphor) into the ground and nurture it I will receive the harvest of equivalent benift. 
  5. Understanding this allows me to maximize life's lessons.
 Here are some lessons that adversity taught me.
  1.  A challenge will test my resolve and help me discover how badly I want something. 
  2. Adversity is often the quickest way to teach me something. 
  3. There is a difference between temporary defeat and failure. 
  4. Never to confuse the two.
  5. Real failure is just life's way of teaching you something that doesn't work. Regroup and discover a better way. 
  6. Discover the teaching moments in life. 
  7. Forget about being wronged.
  8. I have faith that that I will be allowed to reach my greatness.
  9. Every time I am alined with my "Primary defining purpose" my life works better. 
  10. My creator, the one I call God, wants me to get the most of the life he has given me.     

My life has given me a unique perspective on health, happiness, and maximizing life into old age. It is my primary defining purpose to share my knowledge with you. I want you to learn from my mistakes and have a better life.

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