Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summer Body Language - Start Your Journey

Ah yes it is summer and the negative ions from the salt sea air make us feel relaxed, healthy and well. This is a very natural time to start you journey into understanding Body Language more than you do because the bathers are out in great numbers and the clothes are at a minimum. It gives you an opportunity to observe Body Movement more. There is already a tendency to watch Body Language at the beach so why not make it a habit to teach yourself more about this non-verbal communication message system.

Did you know?
By understanding more about Body Language you can improve your Time Management and your Bottom Line? I will share tips about this but first I want to address the fact that men touch other people more than women do during a basic business or social conversation. I personally think this has a lot to do with the fact that men have their hands free and women are usually clutching their life savings.
We have taken Sexual Harassment classes and know touching is not tolerated in the work world and beyond. I know of men who have gotten into problems at their employment site because they unknowingly touched someone. So my tip is for all men to observe if you are touching people as you speak to them and know that this may be an area of non-verbal communication that you will need to control. There is much more touching, hugging and back pats among small business owners who become close friends.
Now look at the picture!
Note the legs in the picture of the first person on the left. She is more analytic and concerned because the feet are close together. The second person is well balanced, in control and knows what she wants. The third person a smaller child is frightened note the legs pointing toward each other, the next person is doing a balancing act between two people who may be frightened, concerned or uncomfortable. The last person is ready to go with one leg pointing toward the surf
When you are speaking with someone make it a habit to be aware of their Body Language. If that person touches their ear while you are speaking with them note that this gesture means I am no longer interested in hearing you. When you use this and a dozen more observations of gestures you can bring your conversation to a close and move on. This helps save you time for those true connections. When you find that person there is seldom any movements or touching around the head.
I will give you some more tips on summer Body Language as you continue on your journey to know more about others at home or away. Hope you are having a safe summer.
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