Monday, July 27, 2015

Put a Model Week in Place to Maximize Efficiency and Effectiveness

There are only 24 hours in a day and as business owners having a model week can help make the most of your time. There are three kinds of days in a model week, Focus days, Buffer days and Personal days.

Each type of day is made up of 80% of your waking hours.

Focus days
These are the days that actually provide income to your business.
·       Presenting/speaking that you were hired for
·       Meetings with potential and existing clients, phone or in person

Buffer days
These are prep days and time to work on your business.
·       Paper work
·       Education, Research
·       Attend meetings to learn your craft
·       Business planning
·       Marketing – planning
·       Develop presentations
·       Take/return phone calls

Personal days
There is no work related activities of any kind on a personal day.
·       Time with family and/or friends
·       Alone time
·       Vacation
·       Personal appointments

When your business is new you will need more Buffer days and will have less Focus days in your week. Your goal should be to evolve in the shortest time possible to more Focus days in a week than there are Buffer days. The more focus days you have the better the bottom line to your business will be.

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