Thursday, July 16, 2015

Welcome back Fellow Movers and Shakers!  The date is July 16th, 2015.
Today’s Blog:  “Taking Market Share; Step 3 – Build Your Platform, and Ask for the Order”

Once you have an idea of the market size (see April’s Blog), and you understand your competition (see June’s Blog) it’s time to Build Your Platform (aka, Your Pitch!). 

This step is where you take the information you have gathered to 1. Identify the largest potential opportunities, 2. Understand what your competition will (or will not do) to secure business, and 3. What you and your company can and will do to make those customers yours in your own unique way.

Taking Market Share is not about price, but about value.  Unless you are a commodity, this is where you have the opportunity to highlight your strengths and show how your soon-to-be client will benefit from working with you. 

Time for you to take all the “Q & A” you’ve been doing, and find your own voice.  This is not time to be shy or bashful, but be ready to pat yourself on the back for the things you do well and “take credit”!   Customers need to be able to justify making changes and this is where you give that information.

And most importantly. . . .when you’re done explaining how you are a high value improvement for them. . . . .then now is the time to “ask for the order”.  If there’s hesitancy on their part, then ask what is missing from what you’ve covered, or what you can do to help them make the decision.

They’re on the ropes and if you let them off, you may never get them back.  Even if you don’t get the order at this stage, you must have a plan to keep advancing the conversation to a logical conclusion. . .you getting the business!  If your conclusion ends in a vague or unclear situation, then you should either regroup, or move on. 

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Next Month:  “Building Strong Client Relationships”

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