Sunday, July 5, 2015

Leverage the Power of Groups to Grow Your Six and Seven-Figure Business

Michelle Demers, Co-Founder
More Clients in Less Time

For coaches and consultants the key to getting and serving more clients in less time, and therefore making a lot more money in less time, is to decrease one-to-one clients and utilize groups for all aspects of your business: marketing, sales, and the delivery of programs, products, and services.

We can also expand the word "groups" to include "places where people gather with common interests", audiences, communities, and associations.

The first thing to do to immediately increase your income is to create (or buy/license from someone else) a program or other services that can be delivered and managed in a group format. This ideally should be the center of your business, the spoke of the wheel, that everything else you do feeds into.  When done successfully, this becomes your biggest, wealth-building income stream. It's also your most sustainable and long-term income stream that can continue growing, even if you decide to pull back your personal investment of time.

Once you have a group program established, then use the power of groups for marketing and sales to fill it!

You can use networking and referral groups like BNI (Business Network International) or eWomenNetwork.  You can use to create your own Meetup group or join others.  Online groups include public and private Facebook communities and LinkedIn groups, and more.

Speaking (especially seminars and workshops) is naturally a group activity as you have a built-in audience.  Speaking falls into all categories: marketing, sales, and delivery of programs, products, and services.  That's why speaking is so powerful to grow your business.

Yet if you are a speaker who doesn't have anything but speaking to sell -- no programs, products, or services that extend beyond your speaking -- then you are leaving massive amounts of money on the table unclaimed ... And when the speaking stops, the money stops.

If you are a coach, consultant, speaker or other kind of "expert" service-driven entrepreneur, leveraging the power of groups is the key to growing a 6 and 7-figure business. To learn more, go to

Michelle Demers has worked with hundreds of coaches and consultants over the past 15 years on sales, branding, online and offline marketing, and product and service development. She is the co-founder of “More Clients in Less Time” specifically helping coaches and consultants to get out of the exhausting grind of one-on-one clients and into the limitless financial potential of group coaching and training programs.  

Michelle lives and works just outside of Boston and can be reached at michelle (@) and 203.623.1564. She works with clients anywhere and everywhere across the world.


  1. Great post Michelle, and welcome to the HSSN Movers & Shakers Team. I look forward to seeing more of your work over the months to come.