Monday, July 13, 2015

10 Things to do with Every Business Email You Receive

CHECK OUT THEIR PROFILE ON LINKEDIN to learn more about them. Do this to determine if there is something you can do to help them first, then determine if they can help you.

SEND THEM A CONNECTION REQUEST if you're not already connected. At the very least they could possibly see your WHAT'S HAPPENING updates.

ASK THEM FOR A RECOMMENDATION on Linkedin. Use their experience with you and what you do to give something to your prospects to see.

WRITE THEM A RECOMMEND ON LINKEDIN if you're familiar with their work and you feel comfortable endorsing them.

INVITE THEM to your Facebook, Youtube and/or Pinterest business page if you have one. It plugs them even further into your network.

ADD THEM TO A GOOGLE+ CIRCLE and/or find and follow them on Twitter. If you don't have a Twitter account, open one today.

INVITE THEM TO JOIN A LINKEDIN DISCUSSION GROUP you moderate or are active in. If you don't moderate a discussion group, consider starting one now based on your subject matter expertise.

CONNECT THEM WITH SOMEONE IN YOUR NETWORK who may be able to help them in some aspect of growing their business, and do it via email.

ASK FOR THEIR PERMISSION TO ADD THEIR NAME TO YOUR MAILING LIST. Doing it without asking them is bad business.

SEND THE ORIGINAL EMAIL TO YOURSELF MARKED AS AN ACTION ITEM if something further is needed before you delete it.

Bill Corbett is the founder and organizer of the HARTFORD SPRINGFIELD SPEAKER'S NETWORK and an award winning professional speaker who has been speaking since 1995. He has been on stages across the U.S. for everything from brief lectures to keynote speeches to multi-day training events, and will be the featured speaker at a conference in The Netherlands this Fall. He is a regular contributor to network television affiliates and provides one-on-one speaker coaching for business professionals. Learn more about him and his top-selling Amazon books.


  1. Thank you for the article, Bill! I think it's so important to acknowledge people who have taken the time to email us (unless it's a mass email). No-reply doesn't mean "no." Let's take a few seconds to say no if that's our answer.