Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How To Build A Community With Your Podcast

One of the most powerful benefits of podcasting is that it allows you to build a global online community of raving fans. When you share your voice, you will attract the people who most need to hear your message. However, one of the limitations of podcasting is that you can't have a two way conversation with your listeners! Unless you are doing a live call in show, your listeners will hear you, but you won't hear them. And even if you do a call-in type show, you will never speak to the vast majority of people who are listening. Here are four tips for building an online community from your podcast:

#1) Name your community: My global community is called Stand Out and Be Heard and it represents my vision, which is to help coaches, authors and speakers to stand out and be heard through the power of podcasting. Give your community a name that will be enticing to your ideal listener.

#2) Give them somewhere to go: You want to invite your listeners to take a "deeper dive" with you and connect via email or on social media, where you can follow up with them. Until you convert your listeners to social media followers or email subscribers you can't have a two way conversation with them.

#3) Give them a reason to join: Be clear on the benefits of joining your community. People are invited all the time to all sorts of things. Why should they join you? What will they get out of joining the community? Will you offer free trainings? Will you provide networking opportunities? Make sure that you communicate the benefits of joining your community.

#4) Stand for something: In my experience, most people don't want to join yet another online group or be on another email list, but they do hunger to be part of a movement. I encourage you to connect with your "big why" and invite your listeners to join you on your journey. When you stand for something beyond yourself, it creates magnetic attraction and listeners will want to be part of your community.

About Doug:

Doug Foresta is a veteran podcast producer and host who has interviewed over 800 guests, including NY Times Bestselling Authors and Academy Award winners. He has helped over 1200 worldwide launch their own podcasts and offers a free 30 minute Expand Your Reach consultation where you can learn how to expand your reach with a podcast. To contact Doug call 413-883-5518 or email him at


  1. Hi Doug!

    I like the idea of creating an online community around a podcast as a way to interact with listeners. Thanks for the tip!