Monday, July 20, 2015

Real Change Part 2: Finding Resources

Scarcity of resources is the first roadblock people usually put up when they think about changing something. "I don't have time to work out every day." "I don't have the money to start my own business." "There are no jobs open in my field."

Deal with scarcity in these ways:

1. Give and Get. Think of a way to barter what you do have for something you don't have. If you teach yoga but don't have time to keep your own books, let an accountant attend classes for free in exchange for an hour a week of bookkeeping.

2. Start Small. To start your own business you do not have to enter into a $100,000 franchise. It costs less than $100 to buy a url and get a simple website hosted for a year or more. Voila, you're in business. Other expenditures can be made after you make your first sale. If time is short, commit just 15 minutes a day to your desired change. That adds up to almost 2 hours a week, which is a pretty good chunk of time - certainly enough to make progress.

3. Talk It Up! What if you could attract resources to you, abundantly? You can by creating a compelling message. When you speak passionately about your dreams and desires, people will want to help you, partner with you, become your customer, even bankroll you.

4. Take a Side Step. Sometimes there really aren't enough resources to do exactly what you want to do. So instead, consider similar but less time-consuming/less expensive/less scarce opportunities.

5. Meet Your Internal Advisory Board. Much of the expert advice you need about how to deal with scarcity is already in your head. Your fears and feelings about scarce resources often stem from valid concerns that need to be addressed, and who better to address them than the person who knows all the details? Instead of attempting to ignore those doubtful, fearful thoughts, give them names and put them on your internal advisory board. When you hear that little voice saying, "You can't afford that," pretend that voice is your Chief Financial Advisor and find out what conditions would be necessary in order for him/her to approve that expenditure. I guarantee you also have an excellent Risk Manager, Human Relations Consultant, Marketing Director, and other internal advisors who absolutely know what you should be doing if you actually "listened" to the messages they are sending.

Don't let scarcity stop you from moving forward toward your goals. You have more resources than you know, probably more than you even need, to get started today.

Linda Spevacek is an innovative speaker, author and coach who can help you create prosperity across all aspects of your life. For speaking topics and programs, visit

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