Friday, June 19, 2015

The framework to outwit the devil. Part 2 - Meet the "other self"

Andrew Carnegie talked about the idea of the "Other Self"

Nearly all of us have a spiritual being inside of us.

It is called the "other self".

Your body and mind holds the physical self.

Your "other self" lives in your heart and soul.

People are just too busy, too afraid, too smart, too stubborn, or lazy to discover it.

Most are completely unaware of it's existence and all the power and clarity that discovering your "other self" can give you.

Mr Carnegie told Napoleon Hill that if he ever did discover his "other self" it would make itself known in an unusual emergency.

Your outer self is away with you even if your not listening
Why did he say this?

When look I back at my own life... When I was headstrong I hit roadblocks.

If my pride and stubbornness lead me down a road it often turned into dead end.

After getting mad, at myself, for reaching a dead end.

I can admit that I am lost.

When I am lost I am ready to accept help.

If I am quiet and ready to listen...

This is the time I am ready for wisdom of my "other self" .

It wants to guide and advise me.

I just need to ready to listen.

This is how most people discover their "other self" 

Being introduced by adversity is something I like to avoid.

The thing is adversity is the only thing that causes most humans to shut-up and listen.

There is no nice way to say this.

We love living in our heads.

We love to find meaning in meaningless things.

Nearly everyone rather hear themselves talk then to listen.

And all this is quite distracting. 

It is best to learn the first time and start listening more.

First off start just admitting you don't have all the answers.

Listen more think less.

Meditate so you can clear your mind, focus your life, and open yourself up to your true potential.

Your "other self" is a gift

Pray to your higher power (I call mine god) before you need help.

Your "other self" is often the vehicle that provides the answer.

Be perceptive of knowledge beyond your intellect and wisdom greater then your years.

And have faith that you are important.

You have blessed with the gift of an "other self" to lead you to your true purpose.

When you focus on all your energies on your true defining purpose everything else falls into place.

Next month we will tackle fear. 

Michael Eger is a health and happiness coach based out of Western MA. He is the host of Eager to be Healthy a Health and Happiness Podcast on iTunes.  His website is

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