Thursday, June 18, 2015

Productivity Pitfall!

I would like you to take a moment and ponder the following question.

Am I as productive as I would like to be?

Mull that around in your mind.  If your answer is yes; no need to read on, however if you feel you could use some suggestions to increase your productivity then I invite you to read on.  Sometimes we will review our day and feel we have had a positively productive day other times we do not feel as though we have not accomplished squat.
So, how does one truly determine what being "productive" is?  By accomplishing everything on their to do list? On how late they worked or tired they are?  Looking around your space and "Seeing" what you accomplished?  At the end of the day defining "being productive" must happen on an individual basis.  What feels productive to me might not feel productive to my neighbor.

A concept that can help you feel more productive is the "To Do List", write down everything you need to do and get to work, simple. Right?  Yes it is simple, we can all generate a to do list, but can we turn that to do list into a tahdun list?  That's what might not be so easy to do.  Taking action on your to do list can be a paralyzing experience, keeping you from even accomplishing the simplest of tasks.  The most efficient and least scary way to handle a to do list is to first list all that you feel you need to do.  Next prioritize your list according to what needs to get done to what might be able to be pushed to another day.  Then estimate the amount of time you need to complete each task to the fullest extent possible for you.  Jot that number down next to each task.  Take your list and being to plug it into your calendar for the day.  Leave yourself a little time in between each task to breath.  Quickly review your day, if it looks achievable, get to work, if it looks like you might be expecting too much of yourself, rearrange your schedule accordingly.  Finally, get to work.  Be sure to check off your tasks as you accomplish them, take a break from time to time to rejuvenate and most importantly, celebrate your successes.  Celebrating will help keep your momentum going.  

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