Monday, June 8, 2015

How to Benefit From Podcasting Without Starting a Podcast

Since 2014, I've coached and mentored over 100 people to start their own podcasts. The popularity of podcasting continues to grow as it becomes easier to access podcasts through mobile devices, computers and even in automobiles. However, I have had people come up to me and say that they know that a podcast would help them expand their reach and grow their business, but they feel that they just don't have the time to start their own podcast at this moment.

I want to share with you a powerful way to benefit from the power of podcasting before you ever start your own podcast. Being a guest on other relevant podcasts in your topic area is a great way to see if you enjoy podcasting and get a sense of what it entails. By being a guest on a podcast you get the best of both worlds. You can expand your reach and share your message with the people who most need to hear it, and let the podcast host do all the heavy lifting of editing and distributing your episode.

Here are some resources to help you identify podcasts in your niche:

1. is a great free resource for finding podcasts and radio shows in your subject area. You can sign up to get listings sent to your email inbox. The great thing about Radio Guest List is the hosts are actively looking for guests and you can see if you are a good match for the subject areas that they cover.

2.  Help a Reporter or HARO is also a great free resource for finding media outlets, including podcasts that are looking for guests. You can also sign up to receive daily or weekly listings.

3. That's right, Google is a great resource for finding podcasts in your niche. To do a search, simply add "podcasts" to your subject area. For example, if your subject area is holistic health, then put in "holistic health podcasts" as a search term.

4. Stitcher Radio is another powerful place to find podcasts. To search Stitcher, go to their website and click on "top shows" at the top of the page. You will find listings of different categories of podcasts, and you can choose the category that most closely matches your subject area. Take a look at the top shows in your relevant category and you'll find plenty of podcasts.

Once you identify a podcast that you want to be on, the next step is to write a simple and powerful podcast pitch. Next month I'll go more in depth about writing a successful podcast pitch, but make sure to keep it simple, and tell the podcast host what is unique about you and your message and why you would make a great guest. Remember to emphasize the benefit to the host of having you on their show. It takes a little bit of time and effort, but start sending some pitches to podcast hosts and soon you will be a featured guest on podcasts in your subject area!

About Doug:

Doug Foresta is the founder of Stand Out and Be Heard, a global community of podcasters, and the producer and host of Creating Change on Empower Radio, as well as the Coachzing Show on iTunes and Stitcher Radio. He is the co-creator of the 30 Day Podcasting Challenge and the Virtual Podcast Tours Program.

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  1. I love HELPAREPORTOUT or HARO! I've gotten lots of opportunities there and everyone in our HSSN group of Movers & Shakers should all be subscribing. Once I help a producer or writer or podcaster out, they contact again and again as as regular "go to" expert when they are looking for more content or guest speakers/writers.