Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Doing business in our intensely competitive environments seems to be getting more and more difficult with the passage of time. The Internet provides our competitors with new and inexpensive ways to develop compelling messages to take away our target audience. Bigger and better funded companies are able to take advantage of their resources to acquire a bigger market share. So how can you, as an underfunded competitor, scoop your competition?

It is important for you to think about how you can make yourself just a little bit better than your competition. After all, how important could it be to make yourself just a tiny bit more competitive? In 1992 Al Unser, in racing the 500 miles needed to complete the Indianapolis 500, won the race by 43/1000 of a second. Imagine what Scott Goodyear could have done differently that might have made up for that 43/1000th of a second difference.

Knowledge is king. What specialized knowledge could you learn in your area of business that can help you attract more customers or clients? What is the latest and greatest marketing or branding tips and techniques that you could use to get your name out there to increase you business? The more we know, the more we can share with our target audience and provide them with a compelling reason why they should contact you, which should allow you to convert them to a client or customer. But who has the time to acquire all of this specialized knowledge? The answer is in utilizing the most under appreciated resource and that is the time that you spend in your motor vehicle. Enter, Automobile University.

The average person spends approximately one hour a day in their motor vehicle. If you work five days a week then that would equate to over 20 hours a month or 250 hours a year. The average three credit college course meets for 15 weeks per semester or 45 hours. If you were to take an average of five classes per semester then you would spend 225 hours in learning time. Some universities will grant you a Masters after one full year of classes. So if you listened to audio programs while driving in your motor vehicle, for an average of one hour a day for each working day per year, then you could obtain the equivalent of a Masters degree in two years of sitting in your vehicle.

Think of the things that you could learn and the expertise you could develop just by utilizing your time in listening to audio programs while you were in your motor vehicle. Not only could you learn about your particular area of expertise but you could also learn information about marketing, branding, social media and ways to develop new methods of developing business. You could also learn from your industry leaders who give webinars, seminars and online classes that you could listen to while in your motor vehicle. This is a greatly underutilized resource that you could turn into a Masters degree in a very short period of time.

We all have the ability to make ourselves better. Sometimes we don't realize how easy it would be to improve upon our current situation. If you take this one hour per day and turn it into Automobile University then you can provide yourself with an opportunity to improve slowly and gradually over time. This slow and gradual improvement will provide you with much needed specialized knowledge that you can utilize to make yourself better at what you do and how you market your goods or services. You will find that over time you will become much more knowledgeable and confident which will translate into greater income for you and your family.

Why not enroll yourself in Automobile University today?

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