Saturday, June 20, 2015

Real Change Part 1: Define the Gap

I've only ever had one client quit on me, but when I offered to refund her enrollment fee, she refused. "No way," she said. "It's not you. I can definitely see that your system is exactly what I want and need. But I just can't get past the first step of even thinking about what I want to change - it's too overwhelming to have such a long list!"

So listen up - the process of change does NOT begin by deeply delving into everything you think is wrong with your life. Instead, we are going to focus on "The Gap." The Gap defines the area you need to move across in order to get to where you want to be. The ugly truth of your current situation actually does not matter! We are focusing on solutions, not conditions, during this process. Use the system as it is laid out, and you absolutely will move forward towards the success and personal satisfaction that you desire.

In order to define your Gap, grab a sheet of paper and draw two vertical lines about 1/3 and 2/3 of the way across the page, to make three columns. The first column will contain general areas you MIGHT want to improve (you're not making commitments here, so there is no risk in writing something down!) For example, you might list JOB, LOVE LIFE, WEIGHT, FUN.

In the next column, opposite each general word, capture what the "Ideal Situation" would be; in other words - what success in that area would look like. For example, after JOB you might write: Great boss, Opportunities to advance, Less Travel, At least $80k. Keep adding to your list as new thoughts occur.

Finally, in the last column, identify "What's Missing" in order for your ideal situation to exist. In the Job example, what's missing in order to achieve your ideal situation might be: Someone who knows Great Boss #1. Greater recognition of my leadership skills (can I highlight my skills in some way or obtain Leadership Training so I have some credentials?) To reduce travel - More local customers and develop the ability to connect with customers without traveling.  To warrant a larger salary, I either need a more responsible position or renegotiation of my contract.

Your inventory of "What's Missing" is The Gap. In a relatively painless way, you have just identified specific things you might want to change. Now you can choose which ones to focus on first. Circle or highlight your priorities.

Congratulations - you have just completed the first of 5 steps that will lead you to successful, lasting change! The remaining 4 steps will be rolled out for you in coming months on the 20th. For an overview of the entire five step process, check out the this article ~ How to Achieve Real, Lasting Change published last month.

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