Monday, December 7, 2015

SMILE! It's Contagious...

December - the Holiday Season - a time for giving gifts... Material gifts - charitable gifts - gifts of one's self (volunteering)...

The "Holiday Tradition" is buying material gifts for family and friends. The holiday "shopping season" seems to start earlier every year and the ads seem to be more and more relentless: The day after Thanksgiving is "Black Friday" (of course the "savings" start being hyped WEEKS before and last well beyond). Three days later is "Cyber Monday" (e-commerce needs to get in on the savings hype too). Material gift giving is nice but the intent, fun, and satisfaction in doing so have long been overwhelmed by materialism, often leaving gift "giving" a source of "stress"...

Other forms of giving that are truly in the holiday spirit include charitable giving and volunteering to help people in need and the organizations that support them.

On of my favorite sayings is "Smile and laugh more: it will keep the Energy Vampires away." Energy Vampires are those who darken the mood any room they walk in to by constantly complaining, blaming, gossiping and judging... The good news is Energy Vampires can not survive in an atmosphere of happiness - they either magically change their attitude to fit in or they disappear altogether...

Radical idea: Give the gift of JOY this Holiday Season and beyond! Start with yourself. SMILE RIGHT NOW while you read this! Do it (in a mirror if it is handy) for 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, a minute, whatever. Now, how do you feel? Putting things into perspective, it's absolutely impossible not to feel better when you smile. So congratulations - you have just given yourself the gift of JOY! Now it's time to spread it and it is sooooooo easy to do now that you have discovered how to give this wonderful gift to yourself...

Always have a smile on your face with everyone you are with: family, friends, co-workers, and even Energy Vampires... Smile at strangers you see in the grocery store, on the street, wherever... You most likely will receive a smile in return because SMILING IS CONTAGIOUS! Even if they don't smile back, you will have had a positive impact. You CAN bring "Joy To The World" one smile, one person at a time, starting with you... Let's make it a MOVEMENT and spread it around the world - SMILE!!!



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  1. Great article, Chip. We all need to smile more.

  2. As usual, I can't get through one of your posts without smiling, whether you say to or not. Great way to start the morning.