Friday, December 18, 2015

Being fully engaged in Life

Do you feel as though you are running in circles, constantly working but gaining very little headway? Do you wish there was a fast forward button for your life? Are you focused on the next BIG thing and always working towards getting there? Most of us have been there at one time or another. The thing is that when we are moving towards something else we often times forget that our life is now, right here today.

Living in the future or the past means we are not living today. Going from one day to the next remembering days gone by or focusing on the future means you are missing out on the joys of the present. Waiting for that future day to enjoy your life will keep you from experiencing all of the possibilities that today holds for you.

Wouldn’t life be better if you were really living everyday of it? You will be pleasantly surprised by how much these steps can change your daily life, especially when they become second nature to you.

I challenge you to adopt these practices for one whole month, each and every day to see for yourself what gains are in store for you. Here are some favorites that I employ to be fully engaged and make amazing changes in how life looks with considerably little effort.

1) Morning routine - Get up 15 minutes earlier than usual for some self-empowerment time. Split that time up for the following items.
A) Take 5 minutes of that time to be physical e.g. doing stretches, running in place, doing sit-ups or planks, dancing, bicycles, etc. Movement creates energy and increases your ‘feel good’ endorphins!!
B) Read a few pages of that book or article you’ve wanted to get to. These days I’m a big fan of Audible but can tell you that taking the time to actually read for a few minutes every day has been richly rewarding
C) Focus on your breathing, taking full deep breathes in while dropping your shoulders and straightening your spine and pushing all of your breath out. Keep your mind on your breath.
D) Write your intentions for your day. Are you planning to accomplish something, smile more, be more accepting of yourself or others, make a difference in someone else’s life? Write it down to keep it in the front of your thoughts through out the day.

2) Give yourself a pep talk as you walk, drive or shower. Remind yourself what is great about you!

3) Be grateful for what is right about your life. Making a list before sleep is a great way to drift off.

4) Step out of your comfort zone and do something out of the ordinary to break up the monotony. Have a tea instead of coffee, start a conversation with a stranger in the store, pay someone a compliment, thank someone for an act of kindness no matter how small.

Being engaged in life means you are living it! Please feel free to contact me at to share your successes and experiences, or to get answers to any of your questions.

Lucinda Smith
Coach~ Speaker
Energy Transformationalist

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