Friday, December 11, 2015

Nicholas to Santa Clause

It started with a child, in Greece over 2,000 years ago
When he had lost his parents to illness
So to his uncle he did go.

His uncle was a bishop in a far away land
And this young lad grew up with love of god and man

His head was shaved with a halo of hair
He was proud of that with his head partly bare
He studied religion with his uncle and others
And soon became one of the Catholic Church brothers.

From plain Nick to Nicholas the Wonderworker he grew
For the marvelous miracles and things he could do.
He had a reputation for his creative giving of a gift
For those who put their shoes by their door they got a little lift!

Coins were left in the shoes and would help those in need
Soon clothes and food, what a wonderful deed!
And Then Bishop Nickolas thought it would be great
If ordinary people could begin to relate,
To the secret happenings they could not see.
Trust, faith and prayer that would be their new key!

And remembering that great evening when the star shone so bright
One can reflect on the trinity and the birth of Christ that night.
And so through the ages’ everyone on earth
Has come to know about Saint Nicolas, Santa Claus and the Christ child’s birth

We now celebrate this season with gifts and great relief
That we can have what we will need if first have belief.
During this Christmas season with lights and gifts galore
Remember the coins in the shoes that were put outside the door.

And if you can be giving to those who need more than you
Think about Saint Nicholas and all that he could do.
Whether it is coins or clothing or some food to eat.
Give to those unknowing ……that will be their Christmas treat.

And as you hear the Christmas music and celebrate with joy
Be sure to see the happiness and glee with every girl and boy.
For they too are believing in something still unseen
And this is their beginning of a life that is serene.
There’s a wish for you for a Merry Christmas and a New Year blessed with health
For believing and achieving is an amazing gift of wealth

Carolyn Finch
Speaker - Author        Carolyn    
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  1. Good article and happy holidays Carolyn.

  2. When I was reading this, I could see and hear you acting it. Lovely!