Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holy smokes, you can hardly recognize LinkedIn after it's transformation over the last 60 days. Let's try to touch on some of the bigger stuff.
Now you can join 100 groups, which is great. But you cannot search members by name anymore (not so great). You can still directly message up to 15 fellow group members every month (Great!) but you have to manually search through the group and the names are not alphabetical (not great). Groups are still a powerful way to leverage Blogs/other content, share ideas and position yourself as an expert or thought leader
The volume of info on LinkedIn seems to be infinite. To help you find what you are looking for, LinkedIn now has multiple apps to help you navigate. Most people have and use the standard LinkedIn App. Some of you savvy folks probably use the connected app (one of my favorites). You can set up a separate app for: Sales Navigator, Groups, Pulse (another favorite), Slideshare, Lynda.com (now owned by Linkedin) and Lookup. I encourage to check out all of these apps and find the ones that help you be your most productive you.
Want to make sure you are staying at the top of the food chain? Then check out the LinkedIn Social Selling Index. This great little link breaks your Linked profile and activity into four key metrics, each one worth 25 points for a grand total of 100. It let's you know how you are doing in your network in your industry and the items you should work on to move to the top. Currently my score is 93, which puts me in the top 1% in each major category. Let me hear from you 94+ people!
Look, I get it. There are many new things about this reboot, that, well, they suck. They are not user friendly. They took away some of your favorite features. Get over it. Certainly, voice your concerns to LinkedIn, but take the time to learn these new apps and take advantage of the cool new stuff they do offer.
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  1. Thanks for expressing what I have been thinking and feeling about recent LinkedIn changes. Navigating the new has been a bit bumpy in certain areas. Love your line, "Get over it." You're right, Mike. Pouting slows us down, and is unbecoming, as well as unproductive.