Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Is Organizing a Waste of Time?

“BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” It’s 5:00AM on a Tuesday morning. You roll over, foggy eyed and hit the snooze button. 18 minutes later your body finally negotiates with your mind and you crawl out of bed. You disconnect your smartphone from the charger and begin looking at emails and social media, when you glace at the time…6:00AM! You race to the shower, get yourself groomed, and skip breakfast, seeing you need to be on the road by 7:00AM. You glace at the kitchen clock on the way out the door. 6:55AM. Maybe you’ll have time to hit the drive-thru for a quick bite on the way to work?

Your car is in the driveway yet again. Why? It’s too big to fit into the two-car garage. How can a vehicle be too big for a two-car garage? Well, it’s not really the fault of the vehicle. It’s the endless piles of “stuff” in the garage, which has rendered this car to the outdoor elements. And last nights elements came in the form of snow, eight inches of snow. Now you need a shovel, but….it’s in the garage.

You open the side garage door under the covered porch to retrieve the shovel. As you open the door, you need to push with some force to fit your body through the entrance. Stuff is in the way. As you look around the garage, all you see is stuff, stuff and more stuff. No shovel. You remember using the shovel last year and tossing it back in the garage. So, it must be under this jungle of junk, but where? Your hands are numb from the cold, as you pull out your phone, to check the time…7:25AM. You loose your grip, and your phone crashes on a metal object, which looks to be a tire iron. The screen is cracked, but it’s still working. Phew. This isn’t the first time you’ve cracked a screen on your phone.

You should have been on the road at 7AM, but that’s not going to happen this morning. Your stress level is boiling over now. Frantically, you start sifting through the piles of stuff; worn out boxes of old sporting equipment, ripped bags of clothes that no longer fit, broken toys with missing parts, and various tool equipment in disrepair. Panic has set in. As your eye scans the piles of contents in the garage, you notice what looks like part of a red handle. THE SHOVEL!! You start climbing over the stuff until you finally reach your goal. As you reach your arm out to grab the shovel, you hear a awful sound….”SNAP!"

Sound familiar? It’s time to make room for clarity. Start by decluttering your garage. Doing so, will save you time in the long run, so you can find the things you’re looking for quickly and easily.

As a Professional Organizer, Speaker, Author, TV Personality, and Podcast Producer & Host, Rick Woods helps residents and businesses make room for clarity, by getting rid of the clutter that gets in their way.

Rick’s book “Make Room for Clarity” is a step by step guide to getting rid of the clutter that gets in your way. Available on Amazon.

Inquire about Rick's professional organizing business, "The Functional Organizer, LLC.", which focuses on decluttering, organizing, paper filing and time management by visiting www.TheFunctionalOrganizer.com


  1. I have a question~~was the "snap" a broken shovel or a broken arm?! Either way, you made me laugh while making your point.

  2. Were you at my house that morning? After I snapped the shovel I looked around and you were gone!
    Great post!

  3. Were you at my house that morning? After I snapped the shovel I looked around and you were gone!
    Great post!