Thursday, December 3, 2015

Size Doesn't Matter: Big Email Lists Are Over-Rated

Everyone wants a big email list when they get started. I’ve had big email lists. I’ve had small email lists. I managed an email list of over 100k names. And I’ve helped many clients build their own lists over the years.

And having a lot of experience here I can tell you that you do NOT want a big email list. 

Here’s what you want… and if you don’t want it I hope I can persuade you to want this.

What you really want is a list of people who will do ALL of the following:

1: Open your emails
2: Read your emails
3: Get value from your emails (give you feedback)
4: Take action
5: And most importantly… Become buyers

It does not matter how small that list is. It only matters that they do all of the above. ALL of the above… not just some. Especially number 5.

I have had people with humongous lists email my offer to their list where no one bought. I have also had people with very small lists mail my offer and sold thousands of dollars worth of product.

List size doesn’t matter. Conversions matter. How many people become buyers and buy regularly is what matters.

This is why my newest email offers you will see ask people not to sign up. And I am serious about it.

I tell them straight up not to join my list unless they will open my emails and be cool with getting the occasional offer. 

This is called qualifying the prospect. Same thing I would do when scheduling a meeting with a prospect.

I would rather have 1 appointment per week with a prospect very likely to become a client than 10 cold prospects who are unlikely to do so. 

So when you build your email list, don’t worry about the size. Focus on the quality of the people who will join. Don’t be afraid to qualify people out of your list.

You’ll make a lot more money with a lot less effort.

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  1. Makes a good case for quality over quantity, a serious time saver. Thanks for the reminder.