Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Moving Well

I grew up on Long Island and my parents were very understanding of the time I spent with my friends.
Therefore in sixth grade I traveled with my friend Wendy to a little town in Connecticut. The name of the town was Woodbury. We stayed with her grandmother and grandfather in their home on a main street. I remember the floors slanted a bit and I though the house was wonderful. When I moved to Cheshire, CT many years later I went to Woodbury and found the Wheeler house, now  a part of the historic district of town. I passed the house several times when my stepdaughter and husband moved to Woodbury and would say tell the story repeatedly about my sixth grade adventures with the Wheelers.

Since then I have moved several times. I also have moved in and out of offices and a pre-school, private kindergarten building that we owned. Moving our belongings and furniture is something that most peoples can relate to these days. However moving is decreasing. According to the census only 2.5 percent of people in the United States moved last year.
Perhaps you have moved due to a job change, marital status change, health problems, downsizing a home, less garden and upkeep. Whatever your personal reason for moving you probably remember the boxes, the friends and family that have helped you and oh yes, the pizza and fast food meals in between.#
In my Keynote Speech Live Life Every Golden Minute (and sometimes titled Taking Care of You) I speak about the Trinity of health: moving well, eating well and thinking well. I usually refer to the individual who 1. Needs to move their physical body well. 2. Understand how to move up, move over and move out when appropriate and 3. Move within the team through ideas and energy.

All of these happened during our move. My son and grandsons helped joyously and we were thankful that they could help us as we made another move to a place for people over 55, next to the town of Woodbury CT. The street we moved to is Wheeler Rd.

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