Monday, November 16, 2015

Welcome back Fellow Movers and Shakers!  The date is November 16th, 2015.
Today’s Blog:  “Important vs Urgent; How to Manage”

The one asset that we all have in equal measure is time.  No one has more, no one has less. 
What separates the “wheat from the chaff” is how we utilize that time.  How effective are we, are we dealing with important matters as opposed to mundane?  We “spend” our time, and once spent it’s gone forever.  It is therefore critical that we plan our activities, and leverage the resource of time for maximum benefit.

In order to maximize our effectiveness and time management, we must “plan” (I bet you’ve heard that before)!

I know in my life (which seems to get very hectic), I try to put together a daily, weekly and monthly plan.  I keep a running list of what needs to be done, and I make sure I have a clear understanding of the projects I’m working on, and their importance and urgency; there is a difference remember!   It’s easy to forget that something may be important, but not urgent.

One tool that I use is a function of MS Outlook. 

When I have something that’s important, but has a future deadline, I will write myself an email about it and use “Properties” to deliver it at a future date (closer to it’s deadline).   In this way, when I receive an email from myself I know that it started in the past and will be due in the near term.   This project would now become more urgent since the timing is shot term.

As the saying goes, “we don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan”

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  1. Thanks especially for the Outlook email information. Good advice that I will use immediately.