Friday, November 20, 2015

Back to Your Future

Are you searching for what's next? A great way to find a new direction is to look back into your past. Youthful pastimes and early passions offer wonderful clues to the kinds of pursuits you might still find fulfilling.

Start with a list of early memories - Did you have a tree house? Love to read comic books? Spend hours playing street ball? Hang out at the mall?

Next, think about what specifically was fun about each activity. Was it the competition, the exciting environment, the team camaraderie, giggling with friends? When you can pinpoint some of the things you miss the most, you're getting closer to discovering something you might want to pursue.

Now, think about what you have always been good at. Entertaining others? Drawing? Physical strength and athletics? Being persuasive? Convening groups? Solving problems?

Each intersection of what you love and what you are good at represents a potential "playing field" for a new direction. Try to think creatively about opportunities, without any judgment about whether something is feasible or not. Your goal is to let your imagination and your emotions uncover a wide array of possibilities.

There is no excuse for staying stuck in the present. Search your past and go explore some old, NEW directions!

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