Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Dear Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Guests, 

Thirty eight years ago on this day I was single and trying to find a pathway in my life. I was seeking a better direction. Thirty eight years ago on this day I worked for a company called Lechmere in Springfield, Massachusetts. It was a very unique department store for the 70's. I worked the pick-up counter. I would bark out the requested item through the microphone and it would be sent down the conveyor belt right behind me. Lechmere used the day  before Thanksgiving for their "Midnight Madness" sales. This was the early shopping with huge savings such as Black Friday. They would close the store at 10 pm and re-open it again at Midnight for one hour. There were hundreds of customers who would wait outside for the doors to open. One entrance came in from a Mall. It was a metal roll up door. When the stroke of midnight arrived came people were lying on the floor to pull themselves under the roll up door to be the first to get in. It was something to witness. Little did I know my life was about to change when Midnight Madness ended that night. It was a custom for the stock room workers to have plenty of refreshments waiting outside when the store closed. Keep in mind this day before Thanksgiving is also known as "Pre-Turkey". 
As I stood there with my refreshment in hand and enjoying the evening a gentlemen by the name of Barry one of the department workers was accompanied by a beautiful girl, he came over to introduce her to me. I had seen her in the store and recognized her every time she was there. Her name Joanne. Five years later she became my wife and we have be married for 32 years, been blessed with 2 great children and we just had our first Grandson. We have been blessed. Through the years life has tossed us its share of curve balls, losses and setbacks that I am sure most of you have also had to contend with through the years. One principle I have always held close to me was to “sustain from the complaint” and instead always wake up counting your blessings every day before you begin a new day. It may seem trite, but I believe handing out daily appreciation for what you have, to those you have and what you are about to have is one of the most powerful intentions in the world. One I walk down to the foyer in our house every morning this sign is starring me in the face.

I believe success in life is all about daily intentions. One baby step after another heading in the right direction. Every year on the day before Thanksgiving is considered our original Anniversary day. It changed the course for both of our destinies. So, when you gather around the Thanksgiving table this year count all of your blessings. If you are going through a tough time right now surround yourself with loved ones and enjoy the moments you have with them. You have control of your future by actions and your thought process you invoke now. Not everything gets fixed exactly when you want it to happen, however, belief and hope makes the path to getting there much easier. Always count your blessings.
Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone.


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