Friday, November 6, 2015

Holiday Guest Etiquette for Parties and Visits

Are you a frequent traveler during the holidays, racking up the miles on the car for holiday gatherings and neighborhood parties?   Are you the life of the party or a party faux pas while attending?  While most of these seem like common sense, a refresher course for party goers is always appropriate to revisit and share.

1)  Don't request a tour of the house or home at a party.  Enjoy the space provided and refrain from peeking behind the shower curtain during a bathroom visit!

2)  Don't change the place cards at the table - if the host has taken the time to specifically have a formal seating arrangement, it is not up to you to mix it up so you can sit next to your bff!

3)  Do not make yourself at home - (even if the host states so!)  Be mindful of posture and sit up straight, no feet on the coffee table and keep your shoes on (even if the stilettos are killing you ladies)

4)  Do offer assistance with kitchen help, serving or passing hors d'oeuvres

5)  Do offer to make or refill your own drink if a bar is present after the first one is served.

6)  Do bring a hostess gift however, etiquette rules that it does not have to be served or used at this event.  It is appropriate to be saved for another time or personal use.

7)  Do write a thank you note for a delightful party experience or send a floral arrangement if a hostess gift was forgotten.

8)  Enjoy yourself and mingle with other guests.  Include others if you see someone standing alone and not socializing

Enjoy this beautiful season of holiday gathering and parties for the rest of 2015.  Before you know it, 2016 will be here.

Karen A. Thomas

CT Etiquette Expert

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