Monday, January 12, 2015

SpeakNaked...but start with your end in mind.

Start with your end clearly in mind. 
If you don't know where you're going you will probably end up somewhere else.

Goals of Weight loss, wealth and beauty are great 'to do's"  but they are just a means to an end.  Even "Smart" goals are just a stepping stone to a bigger picture of who you really want to be.

How many times  have we heard people reach their ultimate goal only to say "Is this all there is? There has got to be more to life."  I assure you there is,

Taking the time to discover your desired destination in life is crucial to your ultimate success and sadly, mostly overlooked.  Here is a great TEDx talk on What to be when you grow up

 One way to discover what you want to be is to put aside the "to do' list for a moment and start a "to be" list.  A "to be" list is a listing of what is really important to you.   To be....  a great father, fun mother, an empowering aunt, a trusted friend...whatever is important to you to be.   List as many "to be's" as you can and then see if you can combine items into things like:  To be... creative, grateful, adventurous, happy...  Whatever you can come up with, there are only right answers here.  Write, explore, have fun, and see what your "to be's" are.

Once you have your "to be" list, now you can make your New Year's resolutions and to do lists. Make sure that each of your resolutions and "to do's"  brings you closer to your ultimate destination.  Your "to be".

Thanks for being.
Have a great day, a fantastic January, and a fun 2015.
Love ya,
Stand up, Step out, SpeakNaked

Fun is on my to be list...You?
Glenn Dulko is the Presentation Doctor who helps speakers deliver great presentations and cures ailing ones.  Glenn is the founder of SpeakNaked speaker's training and has worked with Yale School of Management presenters, VA Center of Excellence, TEDx speakers, business men and women addressing everything from stage fright, to effectively using PowerPoint, to always getting a standing ovation.  For a checkup or an emergency call on your presentation contact Glenn anytime at 203-415-8964 or

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