Sunday, January 18, 2015

Failed at your New Year's Resolution.

Do you consistently fail at your New Years Resolution?  
 A recent article written by Forbes Magazine reports that of the 40% of Americans who set New Years Goals only about 8% actually achieve their goals.
Why is that?  Is it that many set the goal to high, such as quit smoking cold turkey.  Or could it be that often we are caught up in the moment of celebration and feel ambitious so we set more than one goal such as to eat healthier, smaller portions and exercise every day.  What tends to makes either of those goals barely unachievable is the lack of preplanning, New Years resolutions are generally spontaneous and set on New Years Eve.
Please don't be discouraged, there is a way to make your goals attainable.  
First there has to be a why.  What is your "why" for quitting?  Is it financial, emotional or just spontaneous?  Your why must having meaning to you.
Second you must have a start and end date.  Well so for this example we have a start date.  Lets say for argument sake you decide to ween yourself from smoking a pack a day to nothing.  Analyze and collect data of your smoking habit, when, where and why you smoke.  With the information collected decide if there is times when you smoke that you can just eliminate or if you feel you must smoke all the times that you do.  
Third, determine how many times of the day you can or are willing to give up your smoke break and make a commitment.
Next, make an incremental time line to cut back a cigarette in blocks of time.  Be sure to have a support in place for when you feel the urge to smoke, whether it be a person or an activity to take your attention off your urge to smoke.
Finally, acknowledge and celebrate your milestones as you accomplish them.
The success or failure of your goals are determined by being clear of the goal and why you want to achieve the goal, knowing what you can handle, committing to a beginning and end date, creating a plan of steps you are going to take to reach your goal, finally taking the time to appreciate the steps you are taking to achieve your goal.
Call or email me and we will make this New Years Resolution your last failure!

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  1. Hi Virginia, thanks for this insightful post. I especially appreciate you noting that any goal needs a "why" first. All too often, we focus on the "how" while forgetting that the "why" is where motivation comes from. Well done!