Sunday, January 25, 2015

$25,000 for 5,000

Visualize along with me. You peek out from behind the stage curtain. You see people making their way to their seats in anticipation of your presentation. You are the Keynote Speaker for the evening session. The auditorium has capacity for over 5000 people and it is sold out. The audience is comprised of business owners looking for keys to success, sales tips, organization and marketing techniques and your about to take stage and speak.

You think back 2 weeks ago.......
The Event Coordinator called you and asked you to speak with 5000 Business Owners at their upcoming convention. These Business Owners are looking for a new direction and significant education to take their business to the next level. They have paid $50.00 per seat. Then the Event Coordinator asks you: “Do you have the talent and skill to do this and what is your fee requirements?
What would your answer have been? Let me give one. “ I am absolutely confident that I will meet and exceed your expectations for your guests. You and I will work on a fact finder survey for the audience so we pin point their exact needs and expectations. I will make sure they leave with meaningful and significant information……. my fee is $25,000 paid in full prior to the presentation plus travel, food, lodging and car service. I will overnight the contract to you please sign and send it back with a 50% deposit and travel arrangements. I will look forward to meeting you.

Let’s end the visualization right here.

What did you think of that mind ride?  
What if it was really you in the conversation with the Event Coordinator could you have closed the deal? How many conversations since the beginning of this year have you had with prospects to pitch yourself for a speaking engagement, one, five or ten? What does your prospecting report card of effort look like for this month an A+ or a D?
We are in the month of January 2015. When is your first paid speaking event scheduled for? Actually, I hope you have already had one. What is on the slate for February? What content are focusing on? What new material have you created? What is your niche market your seeking? Do you have the proper materials to support your presentation, one sheet, business cards and web-site? Have you created your prospect list of a targeted businesses to call? What does your Facebook page look like? What speaking organizations do you belong to? Again, what is your plan?
Your next paid speech is just around the corner. It may not be $25,000, what if it were $1000.00 and it was scheduled for next month. This is doable. You have to work hard at this day by day. It's not always easy…but it is worth it. If you have skill you need to step out and get it done. 
Write me about your success story. Have a great month.

John P. Slosek, Jr. 
30 years as a Sales Professional and Insurance Agency Owner. He is currently an Exclusive Agency Owner for Allstate in Chicopee, Massachusetts. (413-331-3900)

He is also the host of the "Insurance Coach Radio Show" which has been continuously running for 13 years. His efforts are directed to promote personal change. The show steers towards personal growth and common sense education for his listeners.His personal email:                                    
The show can be heard every Saturday morning at 8 am on 
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John is also a Certified Speaker in the area of Sales, Personal Growth, Marketing, Leadership Skills, and Entrepreneurship. He is available by direct contact (413) 246-5037(text). Just in case the speaker you hired cancels, he will make himself available for last minute cancellations for your company or event. John is also licensed to teach John Maxwell material and multi-level marketing concepts.


  1. Great article, John. You're right. We have skills and we need to step out and get it done!

    1. Thank Dan. Appreciate the feedback.

  2. Truth!
    Thanks for the prompt, John.

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