Thursday, January 29, 2015

Law of Attraction? Bah! Humbug!
I’m not sure believing in the Law of Attraction is doing anybody any favors. On bad days, that would mean we’ve attracted any and all of the crap we’re surrounded by. But it doesn’t make sense. How does someone “attract” a car accident, or a child throwing up on their shoes? It’s not like people wake up thinking things like, “Okay, what would really make today suck? Oh, I know, I could have a car accident!” People don’t generally want crap in their lives. They want happy, fulfilling, and peaceful lives.

On the other side, when something really good happens, people don’t usually jump up and down yelling “I attracted this!” They might jump up and down, but a lot people say a prayer of thanks to the greater power they believe is the source of their good fortune. 

It’s so tempting to believe in the LOA. So tempting to believe we can draw the big-advance publishing deal right to our front door. Or that our book will hit the New York Times Best Seller list and then we’ll get paid thousands and thousands of dollars just to speak about it. But the reality is that if those are items on your ultimate goals list, they aren’t going to happen just because you believe in the Law of Attraction.  

When people think about the LOA, they often think about it like it’s some kind of Karmic lotto. But if it were that easy, if we could control what we got in our lives simply by believing it’s already ours, or that it already exists somewhere in space and time, we’d all be living in a different—hopefully better—world. But we can’t control it. The LOA doesn’t come with a remote control. The only thing we have any actual control over is what we do. 

If you truly believe in the book you’ve been thinking about writing, please stop waiting for the LOA to send you a sign. Life is too short to be wasted with waiting. The LOA can’t write your book for you either. You have to do the writing. The LOA isn’t going to write out a timeline for you to follow. You’re the one who’s going to have to schedule your time.

And here’s the really amazing part. After you’ve done the work and you’re holding your book in your hands, you’ll realize that it’s done because you did it. The power was within you all along. Never underestimate the power you have to make your dreams come true.

Don’t give into the idea that you have to do it all alone either. You don’t. I know how challenging it is to get started when you can’t seem to find the starting line. As an Editor, Writer, and Coach, I can help you create an outline for your book. I can also guide you through the self-publishing process. 

If you believe in the LOA, this post could be the sign you’ve been waiting for. If you don’t believe in it, this post could be the opportunity you’ve been searching for. In either case, the question is: Are you going to take advantage of it? 


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  2. Valerie:
    Oh shucks, there goes my LOA strategy...
    Another great article by a great Editor,writer and Coach.
    Thank you.
    Al Luoma

  3. YES!!! I love this post because you shine a light on the need for ACTION and OWNERSHIP OF RESULTS!!!

    1. Absolutely. There's nothing more inspiring than experiencing our own power and ability to accomplish our goals.

      Thanks Jenny!

  4. The law of attraction was first written about in a 1919 in Golden Rule magazine. Napoleon still had not even published The Laws of Success published in 1929 10 years after and Think and Grow Rich was written 1937 and that was 18.

    It wasn't until Napoleon Hill wrote Outwitting the Devil in 1938 that this concept was really fleshed out. The thing was because of this book critical and controversial views on the church, education, government, and god most would never know this till the book was published in 2011.

    Valerie I will be taking a different spin on this topic in my writing the next few months. I think we have many of the same ideas just say quite differently. To summarize my views the Law of Attraction, as most people understand it, is a great for book sales yet grossly over simplified.

  5. Good article, Valerie. It's always about doing the work and thus creating your own feeling of luckiness.