Wednesday, January 7, 2015

ACHIEVING Your New Year's Resolutions ONE DAY AT A TIME (OK - we're a few days in but you can start ANY TIME)...


New Year's Resolutions: Why They Often Fail...
A new year - a clean slate - a fresh start - new goals: aren't New Year's Resolutions great? Here are some typical ones:
  • "I'm going to lose 25 pounds this year".
  • "I'm going to make "X" dollars this year".
  • "I'm going to write a book this year".

Why are "Resolutions" like these most often not achieved? What do they have in common? They are all based upon TOMORROW'S results - things that you are going to achieve in the FUTURE, rather than in THE PRESENT MOMENT, which is the ONLY MOMENT that we ever live in...

Daily Victories
Wayne Dyer is one of my favorite Authors and Motivational Speakers (I listen to his books with my "Audible" account all the time while I am driving). He talks about making a shift from dwelling on past behaviors and/or desired future behaviors to resolving to live each day to the fullest. In other words, "How am I going to use my PRESENT MOMENTS this year?" You can't ACT in the past because it is gone - you can't ACT in the future because it is not here yet. You CAN visualize the future, believe in it, and ACT in the PRESENT MOMENT...  Most New Year's Resolutions fall by the wayside after a couple of days of inactivity and then a couple more, when you look at the enormity of what you are "trying" to accomplish over a long period of time - agreed? Isn't it much easier to act in a small way NOW, declare a victory, and do it again tomorrow, one day at a time?

Chunking It Down - Setting ACTIVITY GOALS to achieve long term "Resolutions"
I highly recommend reading Jeff Olson's book, "The Slight Edge". One day is 24 hours: the book talks about identifying something you can do on a daily basis that will lead to long term success in any facet of your life (health, personal development, finances, relationships, and life in general). The book actually has simple planning sections at the end to help you. To repeat, it is much easier to achieve a good day, and then another, and then another, than to think about the months of effort needed to achieve long term  goals. Let's look at the above New Year's Resolutions again and Chunk Them Down into simple to achieve activity goals...
·         I'm going to lose 25 pounds this year:  Knowing that exercise  and a better diet are keys to weight loss, your ACTIVITY GOAL could be "I'm going to walk 1/2 hour today instead of snacking in front of the TV before dinner".
·         I'm going to make "X" dollars this year: Knowing statistically that, in your business, "X" number of calls and follow ups (I call these "touches") normally result in "X" sales which result in your making dollars, your ACTIVITY GOAL could be that "I  am going to make "X" amount of calls and follow ups every day".
·         I'm going to write a book this year: Knowing that you  write a book one page at a time, your ACTIVITY GOAL could be "I am going to write for 15 - 30 minutes per day".

Are these easy to do? Yes! Do them and claim them as victories every day (hint: put them in your calendar as recurring appointments) and see where you are at the end of a month, three months, next year!


I wish you a happy, healthy, peaceful and SUCCESSFUL 2015 - CHEERS!!

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