Monday, January 5, 2015

Beware the Expert

Beware the tyrannical title of EXPERT.

Expert can close your eyes, ears, heart, and mind.
Expert can invite Ego, Insecurity, Judgment, and Pride to the dinner party without you realizing it, and before you know it, they’ve drunken all your wine.
Expert can play status games; pulling you above and below the people around you.
Expert can limit you if you’re not careful.

Learner is open, eyes and ears taking in the details, heart and mind dancing all the time.
Learner invites Curiosity, Confidence, Wisdom, and Courage to the dinner party and together, you turn it into the time of your life.
Learner plays the attraction game; keeping you present and connecting you to those around you.
Learner’s whole world is an adventurous playground.

I have expertise, but will always keep my title as a LEARNER.

Which are you?

Jenny Drescher is the founder of Bridge To Choice, a coaching and facilitation company dedicated to getting people out of their own way so they take complete ownership of their lives. She can be reached at Visit her at


  1. Good article, Jenny. We all need to be aware of those information misers.

  2. Unfortunately in management one will find a lot of experts with no substance. Great article, Jenny and so very true..

  3. I like your article Jenny and always keep myself focused on being a life-long student and learner. Within our circle of movers & shakers, those with the focus will go far. Now, to throw a small monkey wrench into the topic "soup," I take the position that it's OK to call yourself an expert. Why? Because my potential clients who are members of organizations or the media who are searching for someone to hire, feature in an article, speak at a meeting, or appear on TV or radio, won't be looking for a learner. They will specifically be seeking an expert in the field of the topic they are interested in at the moment. Although we are all learners at heart, I believe it is OK to label ourselves as experts in our field.

  4. I agree with Bill - I take pride in the fact that I have earned my title of "Expert" through my exemplary work, consultancy, ethics and extensive education/knowlege of my subject/industry. What does spark my flame, however are the people that use the term simply to gain more business or noteriaty without having put in the time,lack of education or experience. In the end, it is simply a title and those that use it loosely, are often found out sooner than later with a conscious full of regret.

  5. I totally agree with this thoughtful post. Once you stop being a Learner - it's all over!

  6. Well said, Jenny. I try to learn something new each day. It's how we all grow to become more effective leaders.