Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What gets in your way?

The other day on my way to my BNI meeting,  I came across a driver in front of me that was swerving all over the road. At first I was concerned that the driver was in trouble. When I realized he was ok I started thinking how often I swerve when I am going for a new goal. Whether it's a health goal or business goal, there are times when I put obstacles in my way and there are times when I allow other people to put obstacles in my way.

Usually we do this when fear comes up around reaching that goal. Sometimes the fear is obvious, like when you have to do a presentation and you are deathly afraid of speaking in public. In that case you would understand why you procrastinate to working on your presentation.

Other goals like wanting to loose 10 pounds may seem like an easy goal until you realize you get very uncomfortable at the thought of the new attention you will receive from the opposite sex. So you may find your self eating more and having no control over your food.

How many goals have you achieved? What obstacles showed up in the goals you didn't achieve?

The more I clear out my negative programming the more I am able to create and achieve my goals with fun  and enthusiasm.  Call me for a free consultation to see how you can start manifesting your goals.

Jacqueline Kane

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