Sunday, September 27, 2015

The state of small business today

Small business is the place to be today and that includes the professional speaking business. There are always going to be some small business sectors that have more challenges than others but in general, small business is alive and well.
Technology has made managing small business financials and overall tracking of most everything it takes to run a small business easier. The challenge with technology is that it is ever changing and although the changes can be for the better, it means down time to learn it all, and can be expensive to install.

The internet and social media has made many small businesses more visible, not just locally but nationally and even worldwide. Social media can be expensive or inexpensive depending on how you decide to use it. This has been a great help to many small businesses today.

Businesses that do not continually embrace change to improve on their processes, products and services to not only keep pace with their competition but surpass them, will be left behind and may even find themselves out of business before long.

As a speaker, be sure you keep the information you deliver current and fresh. Changing it up from time to time can get you repeat business from an organization you had spoken to before since you now have a different message to deliver.

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